Our custom, high-end residential homes are the core of what we do. They embody our philosophy of design which is clean lines, warm and inviting spaces and well thought out space planning. While the site is ever changing, the very way we approach each new home starts by listening to our client and interpreting their wishes into our design process.


Larger scale projects such as condominium buildings or townhouses have over the years become a natural extension of our capabilities in the residential sector. Our projects embody the high-end feel of our luxury homes, offering select developers the ability to bring our way of living to a larger audience.



Our Interiors team begins with a foundation of design principles rooted in modernism. Our palate is characterized as clean, elegant and understated. We offer turn-key lifestyle services through decorative lighting, furniture decor and art selections right down to the serving ware and accessories. While we provide this service for our homes, we have completed full penthouse renovations and single unit alterations to the Continuum, Jade Brickell, Grovenor, Carillon, Mizner Grand and Santa Maria, just to name a few recent condominiums in South Florida.


Since some of our clientele must still work for a living, it created the need for them to have our design experience for their offices spaces as well. Fast forward a decade or so and we have designed for companies looking for a new work environment that matches their level of branding in their individual markets. We bring our high-end style directly into the nine to five grind; making work more enjoyable and productivity of your team to a whole new level through intelligent design.



Understanding the climate driven designs of our architecture continues into our approach towards landscape design. Our designers initiate this scope of work in parallel to the architectural process of the home, pool and hardscape so that large specimen selections, floating planters and living walls are all a part of the overall design of the property.


The quintessential element to a custom property is the pool. Our approach to pool design begins with identifying the style of pool to match its surroundings and the type of usage that our clients envision for it. Some are purely aesthetic, others for family fun while some want the best of both worlds.