Tarpon River Residence

The design of the Tarpon Bend Residence underscores the firm’s ongoing explorations of regional modernism by adapting a rectilinear frame with site-specific and climate-specific considerations.  In this case, vertical ‘fins’ which address shading and privacy concerns are incorporated within the rectilinear frame.  Sharing the same conceptual underpinnings as the Mola Residence and Tuckman Residence, the Tarpon Bend Residence allows the practical site and climate responses to become architectural identity for the buildings.  Here, [STRANG] is advancing (and proving timeless) the ideas that architects such as Paul Rudolph and Alfred Browning Parker were exploring in Florida over sixty years ago.  The Tarpon Bend Residence is named for its unique setting at the confluence of the Tarpon and New Rivers near downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Aside from its pleasant riverfront location, the site is blessed with a grove of gnarly oak trees.  The footprint of the home was designed to accommodate these characterful old specimens.
For Lauderdale, FL
Completion, 2018