Arguably the firm’s most well-known project, this steel and stone assemblage has become one of South Florida’s most iconic residences. The structurally expressive roof is an undeniable derivation of typologies from the Sarasota School of Architecture era.  It’s monumental stone base, however, echoes the powerful forms of equatorial tropical architecture.  Nonetheless, the Rock House masterfully blends these disparate influences together to create an unexpected, yet convincing, design solution.  The dense and riotous tropical landscape of Coconut Grove affords the home its proper context.
The Rock House was completed in 2004 and catapulted the firm onto Miami’s architecture scene. Originally designed by Max Strang as a residence for his family, the home most notably appeared in the 2006 film adaptation of the popular television series Miami Vice.  Director Michael Mann cast the home as the jungle lair of the drug lord Arcangel de Jesus Montoya with a spectacular placement next to the Iguassu Falls in South America.
Max & Tamara Strang
Coconut Grove, FL
Completed, 2004
Claudia Uribe Touri, Max Strang
AIA MIAMI Design Award, 2004
AIA FLORIDA Merit Award of Excellence, 2005
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Atlas of World Landscape Architecture, 2014
Tropical Living: Dream Homes at Exotic Places, 2014
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