Set upon an urban block devoid of practically any street engagement, this nine-unit rental apartment building aimed to reinvigorate the downtown of a small community in Central Florida. Rain Garden was the first ‘multi-family’ development in Winter Haven in over three decades and residents were given a new option for urban living. The building leased up quickly. More important, however, is the new sense of activity on the streetscape.
The project is surrounded by a significant number of buildings that were derivative of Florida’s mid-century modern movement epitomized by The Sarasota School of Architecture. The building features a series of randomized vertical fins.  These slender columns represent an adaptation of the building to its site and climate as they offer shading and privacy.   Additionally, the sequence of spaces from the street enables both a private lifestyle and a sense of openness while expressing a  generosity back to the city.  The architecture is both modest and striking, not an easy combination of qualities to achieve.

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