Ensconced in the subtropical wildness of Miami’s Coconut Grove, the Latterner Residence conjures up images of a modernist spa carved out of the jungle.  The surrounding garden is dominated by an ‘anything grows’ strategy.  Amidst the green chaos sits the refined structure of exposed concrete and Florida keystone.  The permanence of the architecture offers a stark contrast to the ever-changing foliage that surrounds it.  The scope of the project is an interior den, exterior terrace and two swimming pools.  The new addition also serves as the main entry to the existing home.  The combination of local stone with exposed concrete is a material strategy that parallel’s Strang’s concurrent work on The Kampong.
Ruth Latterner
Coconut Grove, FL
Completed, 2008
Claudia Uribe Touri
Robin Hill
Max Strang Architecture
AIA MIAMI Award of Excellence, 2009
AIA FLORIDA Merit Award of Excellence, 2010
Atlas of World Landscape Architecture, 2014

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