Fairchild Grove

Strang’s first boutique condominium project will be located in Coconut Grove and feature twenty six units distributed over five floors.  This low-rise building represents the firm’s largest project since it was commissioned to redesign six entire blocks for the unbuilt Grove Village development.  The design of Fairchild Grove advances the residential concepts evident in Strang’s bespoke single-family home and adapts them to a multi-family implementation.  
Unlike the ubiquitous white condo towers populating Miami’s skyline, the Fairchild Grove incorporates a much warmer material palette that complements the lush landscape of Coconut Grove.  Specifically, local stone such as oolite and keystone are used to ground the building to its location.  Many individual units offer panoramic views of Biscayne Bay and the surrounding tree canopy.  Linear balconies incorporate sun-shading and privacy features that also give The Fairchild Grove a striking architectural identity.  The building’s public areas emphasize a connection to the outdoors.
Miami, FL
Completion, 2018
Frances Anillo Toledo, LLC
Interior Design
Rafael de Cardenas Ltd.

Entry DriveInterior South Unit smallShower_Beasley_FI_04-12-16Pool_Beasley_FI_04-28-16Valet StairsHero South smallWaterfront Deck smallDock Hero