The islands of the Bahamas have provided Strang with spectacular sites and opportunities.   Cat Cay is a private island south of Bimini and is only a short hop to the Florida mainland.  A strict design review process from local authorities was required, which likely inflected the design of the Cat Cay Residence towards more traditional Caribbean typologies  Nonetheless, the design again demonstrates Strang’s efforts to infuse local traditions with new ideas.  The home is nestled between a sandy white beach and a grove of native trees. The main house is slightly elevated to provided a moderate degree of protection from hurricane storm surges while maintaining an easy relationship to the pool terrace and beach. A detached guest house and beachfront cabana serve to reduce the overall scale of the project.
Cat Cay, Bahamas
Completion, 2018

2016-0524_CatCay_Ocean view 12016-0524_CatCay_Street view