Berkowitz Residence

Perched atop South Florida’s highest ridge, the Berkowitz Residence is a modern addition to a historically-designated home in Coral Gables. The phantasmagorical rockscape and garden was envisioned by landscape architect Raymond Jungles two decades earlier.  Strang positioned the new addition to maximize the views across the three-acres of gardens and grottos. Elevating the home resulted in a spacious covered terrace that overlooks an infinity edge pool that spills into the topography.  Once again, Strang allowed practical concerns such as deep overhangs and vertical sun-shading ‘fins’ to provide the home with its distinctive aesthetic.  The home represents the ongoing evolution of ‘regional modernism’ through its spirited design and ability to adapt universal design principles to local concerns.  The use of locally sourced materials such as keystone and oolitic limestone grounds the home to its specific site while complementing the existing home.
Alex & Sara Berkowitz
Coral Gables, FL
Completion, 2018