Bay House

Located on a bayfront property in Miami Beach, the Bay House is an elegant one-story residence featuring lots of exposed concrete.  A cantilevered roof offers protection from the elements as it seemingly floats above a rear deck. In the foreword for John Howey’s book The Sarasota School of Architecture, Michael Sorkin writes “Modernism adores a temperate climate and a shadow-crisping sun to allow its spaces to flow sure and clear.  California and Florida shared for a time this free, hopeful and leisured sense of possibility.”  The Bay House demonstrates that this highly optimistic sense of architecture is ongoing.
Like most of Strang’s residential designs, solid walls convey a strong sense of privacy from the street.  The rear of the home, however, explodes with transparency to allow uninterrupted views of the pool terrace and Biscayne Bay.  It is the long, clean rooflines of the Sarasota School that Strang effectively employs on this house.  Indeed, it’s crisp and honest profile is what sets this home apart.
Miami Beach, FL
Completion, 2018